2 Set Massage Therapy Ball Myofascial Muscle Knots Trigger Point Release

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The secret of releasing the tension, unravel knots and improve mobility at the comfort of your home. Introducing our massage therapy ball, the immediate benefit like no other, and best of all, it doesn't break your budget.

[IMMEDIATE EASE OF PAIN]: Trigger point therapy massage lacrosse balls releases and eliminate muscle knots and tension, leaving you to feel rejuvenate and revitalize in all areas of your body.

[EASY TO USE]: Simply lean on the massage ball and use your body weight to relieve the discomfort and tightness on each area of your body.

[MOST DURABLE]: 100% solid non-toxic rubber construction, making it a high hardness massage to relieve discomfort and improves blood circulation.

[SMALL & PORTABLE]: Lacrosse massage ball is 63mm in size, the perfect size to carry wherever you go. Use them at home, office, outdoor, or the gym.

2 x 6.3cm massage ball (approx 160grams each)

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