6500lbs 3000kg Electric Boat Winch Portable Detachable 12V ATV 4WD Wirless

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Convenient, Portable Power Boat Winch
Heavy duty essence on complete resistance to harsh weather, multiply intrepid reliability against corrosion and moisture!
Viciously pulling power drag you out of the vital circumstances! Dual modes comply with wired and handle function!
12 month warranty granted on our top-than-ever commitment to customers
This winch is designed for Pull In and Pull Out by remote, Free Spool not included.
No manually endeavoring on heavy objects, may cause severe injury
This winch can only be used for self-recovery

Note: Avoid angle pull.The winch line should not exceed a 15° up and down for horizontal,or a 45° angle left or right from straight ahead.

Max Pulling Capacity:6500lbs (3000KG) single line
Operating Voltage:12V DC
Drum diameter & Length:33mm * 90mm
Drum speed:1.2 m/min
Control Cable Lenght:3m
Power Cable Lenght:3m
Drum Diameter & Length:33mm x 90mm
Gear Ratio:717:1
Steel Cable:7.2mm(D) x 10m (L)

Package Content:
1 x 6500LBS Boat Winch With Handle
1 x 10m Cable
1 x Mounting Plate
1 x User Manual
1 x Remote

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