Wooden Beekeeping Beehive House

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Whether you're a newbie beekeeper or have maintained hives for years, this FIR wood beehive makes the perfect home for your winged friends. With no special processing equipment required, it's an excellent choice for first-timers. No worries if you don't have time for extensive cleaning, centrifuging, or other time-consuming tasks. Its no-mess, low-maintenance construction allows you to enjoy your hive without all the work. Removable combs make clean-up a breeze. Crafted from rugged FIR timber, this beehive is rot-resistant and can stand up under whatever weather Mother Nature dishes out.

Designed like a miniature log cabin, it's as pretty as it is practical, making it the perfect accessory for your backyard garden. Your bees will stay dry and mould-free, even during rainy weather, thanks to the hive's high-temperature wax coating. With its seven food-grade polypropylene honeycombs, you'll have a long-lasting supply of clean, natural honey to feed you and your family. You'll enjoy an abundant harvest, too. With 21 kilogrammes of honey possible in each frame, you'll have plenty of honey to last all year long.

Harvesting honey is easy, thanks to the hive's auto-flow system. Simply remove the cap from the harvest tube, insert the key into the hole, twist the key 90 degrees, and the honey will pour out. Observation windows allow you to see inside without disturbing the bees.

Features and specifications:
Material: High-quality Chinese fir timber and food-grade polypropylene
Capacity: 21kg honey in each frame
Waxed at a high temperature to keep the hive dry and resist mould
Rot- and weather-resistant
Beautiful yet durable
Sanitary honey storage

Product Contents:
1 x Wooden Beekeeping Beehive House

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